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SELLERS- 3 options when selling their home:
1) For Sale by Owner– (seller prepares the contracts, negotiates offers, shows home to each buyer, several inspections, pays closing costs avg 4%, turnaround 3-6 months)
2) List with a Realtor/Broker(seller pays avg 6-7% commissions, seller pays avg 4% closing costs, Seller gets home for Market-Rady, Bank inspections, turnaround 3-6 months)
3) SELL TO LCP (LOCAL INVESTOR) on Creative Terms– (NO lender inspections, NO appraisals, As-Is), NO closing costs or out-of-pocket to sellers, Flexible closing date, Save thousands, Save time, Simple process!

**SELLER FINANCING (Seller Carryback): We promote our sellers with a free & clear home from homeowners to a lender by giving them a monthly income, which includes paying them a monthly payment(installments) towards the agreed selling price for their home.

**SUBJECT TO:: We listen and are problem solvers! Are you unable to sell your home due to NO equity, Unable to pay a 6% realtor commission, Expired MLS Listing, Pre-Foreclosure, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Late Payments, Tax Liens. We will take over your mortgage payment, use a monthly servicing company to make sure your mortgage payments are made on-time and report good payment history towards your credit history. In some situations, we also pay our sellers a monthly payment for their equity, called a Hybrid transaction.

With over 10 years combined experience and several partners in both NC & FL markets which include Builders, Investors, Bankers, Attorneys, Inspectors, Financial, etc. We currently have several rentals and always looking for a few more in your neighborhood. We allocate monies from a 20 million dollar line of credit to purchase all types of Real Estate in any shape including land. **We can provide proof of funds & list of properties owned**

1. NO SERVICE CHARGES: (Competitors CHARGE SELLERS 5%-14%, to sell)
2. NO REALTOR COMMISSIONS: (savings 6% of the selling price)
3. NO CLOSING COSTS: (seller only pays pro-rated taxes & doc stamps deed)
4. NO OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS: (NO home inspection, survey, appraisal, pest inspection)
7. FLEXIBLE TIMELINE: (Sellers choose their closing date)
8. LOCAL INVESTOR: (BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, not just a #)- NC & FL offices
10. LEASEBACKS: We can close in 30 days, Sellers receive their proceeds, with the flexibility to Leaseback to us, while finding or building their next home- (Only qualified NC & FL properties)

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