Why should sellers work with us?

1. NO SERVICE CHARGES (Competitors charge 5%, historically up to 14%)
2. NO REALTOR COMMISSIONS (savings 6% of selling price)
3. NO OUT OF POCKET COSTS (NO home inspection, survey, appraisal, pest inspection)
6. FLEXIBLE TIMELINE (Sellers choose closing date)
7. EMD (EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT) OFFERED (Only qualified NC properties)
8. LOCAL– North Carolina & Florida offices

Sellers have 3 options when selling their home:
1) For Sale by Owner (seller prepares the contracts, negotiates offers, shows home to each buyer, several inspections, pays closing costs avg 4%, turnaround 3-6 months) or
2) List with a Realtor/Broker (seller pays avg 6% commissions, seller pays avg 4% closing costs, several inspections, turnaround 3-6 months) or
3) SELL TO INVESTOR (NO lender inspections, NO appraisals)- As-Is), NO closing costs or out of pocket to sellers, Flexible closing date, Save thousands, Save time, Simple process!

With over 10 years combined experience and several partners in both NC & FL markets which include Builders, Investors, Bankers, Attorneys, Inspectors, Financial, etc. We currently have several rentals and always looking for a few more in your neighborhood. We allocate monies from a 20 million dollar line of credit to purchase all types of Real Estate in any shape including land. **We can provide proof of funds & list of properties owned**

Seller Financing is another option to our Sellers: We promote our sellers from homeowners to a lender by giving them a monthly income, which includes paying them a monthly payment(installments) towards the agreed selling price for their home.

Subject to is another option to our Sellers: Are you unable to sell your home due to NO equity, Unable to pay a 6% realtor commission, Expired MLS Listing, Pre-Foreclosure, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Late Payments, Tax Liens. We will take over your mortgage payment use a monthly servicing company to make sure your mortgage payments are made on-time and report good payment history towards your credit history. In some situations, we also pay our sellers a monthly payment for their equity, called a Hybrid transaction.

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